Administrative License Hearing

Texas does not automatically suspend your drivers license after a DWI arrest.  An experienced DWI Attorney will file the applicable paperwork to preserve your driver’s license to request a Drivers License Hearing or ALR

When you were arrested, the officer may have given you a form called a DIC-25.  A DIC-25 is given to drivers who:

  • Consent to a breath test, and the results met or exceeded the statutory limits (often .08).
  • Refused to provide a breath or blood test.

If you agreed to provide a blood sample, the officer should not have given you a DIC-25 because a lab must test the sample for alcohol and/or drug levels.  Ensure the State has your correct mailing address because all correspondence will be mailed to the address on file, including a DIC-25 if the lab results support a violation.

If you received, or should have received, a DIC-25 you have 15 days to request a hearing from the SOAH.  It’s essential to note that if you do not request the hearing, your license will be suspended within 40 days from the date you received the DIC-25. This underscores the importance of taking immediate action to protect your driving privileges.

What Happens at the ALR Hearing?

At the ALR hearing, the State must prove several elements for suspending your license.  This is NOT a guilt/innocence hearing and the burden of proof is much lower than your criminal trial.  If the State proves the elements, they will move to suspend your driver’s license.  You may be eligible for an Occupational Drivers License if your license is suspended.

The above information is NOT legal advice and, as you can tell – can be confusing to work through.  Call The Law Office of Al Rowland at (469) 626-7529 for a free consultation so we can work to keep your driving privileges intact.