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Arrested in Collin county?

Facing the criminal courts in Denton County is no easy task. Let me use my experience in Denton County, including verdicts of Not Guilty and successful appellate decisions to work for you!

Collin County Courthouse



Misdemeanor cases are filed in the Collin County Courts at Law, often within 2-3 months of the arrest. Felony cases take longer and can involve several additional steps. The case will likely be presented to a Grand Jury and if the grand jury returns a true-bill, the case is usually filed in a District Court within a month.


All courts require you to appear on your first court date. Subsequent settings may require your in-person appearance. Felony cases require you to appear in court at each court setting.


The first court appearance is normally a formality. Unless you have specific bond conditions, you are not required to speak to anyone besides the bailiff. That exchange is normally a short one, where you notify the court of your name and attorney. If you are charged with a felony, most courts require your presence on each court date and the process takes slightly longer.


Most prosecutors provide discovery on the date of the first appearance. I will complete a thorough review of all discovery and provide you with all of the options and potential outcomes.


I will provide you with all insight and information you need to make a decision that is right - for you.

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