Possession of Marijuana

Although marijuana laws across the country are loosening, possession of marijuana is a crime in Texas. While it may seem that a Possession of Marijuana case is minor, the US and Texas penalties can be harsh – including jail time and other related punishments.

Being arrested for marijuana possession is a stressful and confusing experience. You’re likely worried about the potential penalties, the impact on your future, and navigating the complex legal system. We understand what you’re going through and we are here to guide you every step of the way, providing clear answers and aggressive legal representation. Our attorneys will fight to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

When we discuss your pending marijuana case, several things must be considered. First, as with any case, I review the details of your case to see if there are any reasons that the case could be dismissed. An example is whether the police contact that resulted in the arrest was lawful. If it was not, then the search that led to finding the marijuana could be suppressed and the case dismissed.

Next, I like to know if drug use is something that is affecting your daily life. Although my job is to protect your rights, I believe providing a long-term solution for you should be the ultimate goal. We can discuss whether treatment is right for you and locate providers in your area.

Finally, we must work together to determine the best outcome for you. If dismissal is not an option, we can turn to other avenues, such as pretrial diversion or a deferred disposition. Remember that even though marijuana is legal in several states, if you are on Texas probation, the laws of Texas still apply to you.

Possession of Marijuana Penalties

A marijuana possession arrest can have serious consequences, including jail time, fines, and a criminal record that can impact your employment and education opportunities. Marijuana possession in Texas can be classified as low as a Class B Misdemeanor, all the way up to a Felony Conviction. This means the punishment could range from a fine and short probation to prison time. Penalties for possession or delivery of marijuana are based on several factors, including the weight of the drug involved.

Collateral Consequences

Convictions for marijuana-related offenses can have ramifications beyond just a criminal record and associated fines. Convictions for possession or sale of marijuana can make you ineligible for student financial aid

Additionally, if you are convicted of Possession of Marijuana, your drivers license will be suspended, and you will be required to maintain an SR-22 endorsement – even if you were not driving when the offense occurred.

Finally, if you are not a US Citizen, any criminal conviction, especially a drug-related one, can result in your removal from the United States.

No matter the circumstances of your arrest, it’s crucial to seek legal representation immediately. Contact The Law Office of Al Rowland today for a free consultation. Let us review your case and discuss your options by calling (469) 626-7529.