Driving While Intoxicated

There are many stories and falsehoods about being arrested for DWI in Texas. Your best source of information and guidance is from a qualified attorney.

Being charged with DWI in Texas usually triggers two separate but parallel cases: Administrative and criminal cases. The administrative case deals solely with determining whether your driver’s license faces an administrative suspension. The criminal case determines the potential for additional license suspensions or restrictions, your guilt or innocence, and the punishment.

At this crucial stage, the most important action you can take is to secure the services of an experienced DWI Attorney. Ensuring a timely request for an Administrative License Hearing is submitted is of utmost importance. The consequences of failing to request the hearing on time could lead to a suspended license before your first court date, underscoring the urgency of your situation.

DWI Investigation

A proper DWI investigation is a labor-intensive process. The initial steps may include confirming that I received all discovery (police reports, videos, etc.) and requesting additional items not included in that initial discovery. I follow this by combing through the police report and related documents, such as affidavits or blood draw search warrants, then comparing the officer’s words from his report to the actions recorded on any video evidence.

During my time in law enforcement, I received training and certification to administer the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (“SFSTs”). In addition to receiving that training, I have completed DWI investigations as a police officer utilizing the NHTSA SFSTs. My background as a police officer and prosecutor provides insight into the officer’s administration of these tests.

After thoroughly evaluating your case, I set up a meeting with you. I will provide a comprehensive summary of my DWI case review during this meeting. This review will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your case, giving you a clear understanding of its dynamics. My aim for this final meeting is to equip you with knowledge that will empower you to make a confident decision that best serves your interests.

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