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Hiring an attorney is a personal choice that everyone must balance.  Some people feel comfortable handling a Frisco Traffic Ticket without an attorney.  However, I have spoken to many people who almost made decisions that would have carried long-lasting effects. Additionally, most citations can be handled without you having to make an in-person appearance at the Frisco Municipal Court.

The Law Office of Al Rowland offers free consultations by phone, by video call, or in person.  During that phone call, I will review all your options and potential costs for each one. Call today (469) 626-7529 or Click Here to schedule.

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Choosing to take on the court system alone can result in unintended consequences.  Many cases are eligible for a deferred disposition or a driver safety course.  This means that you have a chance to keep the traffic ticket off your driving record.  Certain restrictions can apply and there may be pitfalls to handling a case on your own, such as receiving a traffic conviction. 

 Receiving a conviction for traffic tickets can cause increased insurance premiums.  Some jobs may decline to hire you if your have a spotty driving records.  Convictions for certain traffic offenses can lead to surcharges being assessed against your driver’s license.  These surcharges often lead to license suspensions and greater police encounters.

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